AlexBaSS / fClef Audio


A unique front end for bass guitar featuring:

2 triode tubes based on traditional class A topology.

3 band EQ with frequency switchable mid band parametric.

Drive control to further “cook” the tube stages.

Solid and elegant steel chassis in “drop on top” format.


fClef Audio

professional analogue amplification equipment

fClef stereo buss compressor

SSLG style buss compressor. features include:

“THAT” VCA chips.

Electronically balanced I / O

Signal passing through film capacitors only

Two stage High Pass sidechain filter

500 series precision microphone preamplifier. Instrumentation amplifier design with variable high pass filter. High headroom featuring a carnhill output transformer which imparts a little character.

500 series precision mic preamp

“Real signals getting to your loudspeakers”

“Analogue stuff manufactured by hand in North London”

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